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JASPER Driveline Division Prepares for 2014 Racing Season

Matt Kenseth was the 2013 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Runner-up. Kyle Busch was fourth in the final point standings.  Clint Bowyer and Joey Logano finished the season seventh and eighth in points, respectively. What did these four drivers have in common throughout the season? Their cars were equipped with products from the JASPER Driveline Division.

Sprint Cup Series cars equipped with JASPER products accounted for 17 Wins in 2013, 79 top-five finishes, 139 top-ten finishes, and earned 15 pole position starts. “Everyone was very satisfied with our products in 2013,” says Terry DeKemper, JASPER Driveline Division Manager. “We had no issues with any of our components last year and we’re definitely looking forward to 2014.”

The new season preparation has left the division little time to reflect on 2013’s success. Joe Gibbs Racing drivers Denny Hamlin, Kyle Busch and Matt Kenseth will once again have their cars equipped with the JASPER traditional three-rail 4-Speed Transmission. Michael Waltrip Racing drivers Clint Boyer and Brian Vickers will use JASPER’s single-rail version of the 4-Speed. This style of gearbox allows a single external rail to rotate and move two internal forks to engage the four forward gears. “This allows for fewer moving parts outside of the case,” said DeKemper, “and there’s about a pound difference in weight.”

Penske Racing teammates, Brad Keselowski and Joey Logano, will have their Sprint Cup Series cars equipped with a JASPER Differential for 2014. “We have various models and designs of differentials, whether a cast iron case or lightweight case is called for,” said DeKemper. “We’re working on a new locker and a new differential pump, and both are seeing a lot of testing right now.”

In preparation for 2014, the JASPER Driveline Division has worked with teams on different gear setups in reaction to rule changes on car height. “The removal of bump stops (devices used to stop a car’s suspension travel) will result in faster speeds,” DeKemper said. “Teams will have to change the gearing on their cars. We’re looking at the gears we have in stock for teams, and we try to predict where things could go during the season.”

Though the lineup of teams using JASPER products has remained the same the past few seasons, the Driveline Division found success with leasing components to other teams in 2013. “The top caliber teams can afford purchasing new and maintaining their own equipment, while intermediate teams would prefer to lease at this time,” said DeKemper. “We see this as a continuing trend, and we see a growing market for us at this time.”