Purdue Extension Receives JETT Grant

Jasper Endows Today and Tomorrow (JETT) presented a $2,000 grant on September 12th to Purdue Extension – Dubois County. The grant helps cover the purchase of 72 two-way radio kits, chargers, and headsets for the Southern Indiana 4-H Camp. Purdue Extension – Dubois County is part of a twelve-county 4-H camp for youth in grades 3-8, with youth in grades 9-12 acting as camp counselors. As part of the 4-H camp, adult chaperones, and camp counselors utilize two-way radios to communicate the whereabouts of campers, the need for nurses, and other issues. The current radios are at least ten years old and have become unreliable when speaking in them. They do not hold a charge, and some you can listen but not transmit. In addition, since the number of campers increased by 30%, there needed to be more two-way radios for all adult chaperones, junior directors, camp counselors, and class leaders. Other organizations in the area, including the YMCA, Boy Scouts, and Girl Scouts, offer overnight camps, but 4-H offers youth the opportunity to meet others from several different areas across Indiana.



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