JASPER Installs New Dyno for Product Development/Authentic Drivetrain Division Use

New Dynomometer













In a never-ending pursuit of the perfect product, Jasper Engines & Transmissions has installed a computerized dynamometer to help in the development of new products, and for use with the Jasper Authentic Custom Drivetrain Division.

The Land and Sea Dynomite, 2000 horsepower, water brake dynamometer provides accurate horsepower and torque readings, gives JASPER the ability to customize testing situations, and allows JASPER’s Product Development group to conduct long-term engine testing.

“We will use this Dyno for 50-hour engine durability testing, on all new products, before they are released,” said Brad Boeglin, JASPER Product Development Team Leader.  “With the use of OEM computers, we’ll put an engine we are developing under various RPM and load conditions to simulate real-world driving and wear situations.  This will give JASPER further insight into long term failures, and allow us to correct them before a product is released.”

The new dyno will also allow Product Development teams to test different engine parts and tolerances, away from production areas and learn how those changes will affect an engine.  “Engine parts stress differently under load conditions,” said Boeglin.  “Using specialized tooling, we can now put these engines under loads, test, and create tighter tolerances which, in turn, will increase the life of the engine.”

Jasper Authentic Custom Drivetrains will use the new dynamometer to test their customer’s engines as an added service to the custom remanufacturing package. “For an additional charge, customers can have their engine dynamometer tested. A printout of torque and horsepower readings will be sent with the engine,” says Boeglin. “Customers like that service as it allows complete testing of the engine with the customer’s fuel and ignition systems.”

For more information on the remanufactured products of Jasper Engines & Transmissions, please call 1-800-827-7455.

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