JASPER Offers 47RE/48RE with Triple Disc Converter for Dodge, Ram Diesel Trucks

47RE   Jasper Engines & Transmissions offers the Chrysler 47RE/48RE transmissions with a triple disc converter. This transmission is available for the following 1994-2007 applications: •  Dodge Ram 2500-3500 RWD and 4WD trucks mounted behind the 5.9L Cummins Diesel engine “In 2013, JASPER released converters for sale ‘over-the-counter’ which included a heavy-duty triple disc for the 47RE and 48RE transmissions,” said Judah Delorenzo, JASPER’s Planning and Life Cycle Manager. “Due to the popular demand for this converter, JASPER is pleased to announce the release of this transmission with the upgraded converter added.” The triple disc converter utilizes three lock-up surfaces, each bonded with a high thermal engagement (HTE) lining. “This design gives 1.7 times more holding capacity over the original design piston,” says Craig Leuck, JASPER Transmission Division Manager. The HTE lining can better withstand the heat that’s generated by the torque converter.” This JASPER remanufactured transmission is subjected to such strict, high-quality processes… •  Disassembly, meticulous inspection and thorough cleaning of components. •  All NEW and remanufactured parts are carefully inspected for correct tolerances to assure dependability. •  JASPER’s research and product development ensures that concerns/issues in OEM design are corrected. •  Dynamometer testing simulates in-vehicle operation to assure trouble-free runability. •  A Premium Service Plan is available that offers customers an even greater value.  

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