JASPER Offers Torque Converters “Over the Counter”

OTC Converter

Jasper Engines & Transmissions continues to expand its product line to fulfill industry needs. To that end, we are very excited to announce the release of Torque Converters for sale over the counter!

JASPER’s remanufactured OTC torque converters are currently available for the following 1989-2007 applications:

• Chrysler 47RE/48RE          Dodge Ram 2500 – 3500
• Ford E4OD/4R100/5R110   Ford F-150 – F-550 & Ford E-150 – E-350

“There’s a market out there for these converters, especially for the heavy-duty diesel engine applications,” said Craig Leuck, JASPER Transmission Division Manager. “We can help that local shop whose customer has a customized transmission for their truck, and it needs a heavy-duty converter to handle the job, particularly for towing purposes.”

A JASPER remanufactured converter features a heavy-duty billet steel front cover. “As the converter gets hot over time, a standard stamped steel front cover will balloon,” said Leuck. “This causes the front lock-up surface to swell up and lose contact with the piston and burn up the lock-up lining. Billet steel front covers will not expand.”

Each converter is also balanced to within three grams to eliminate any unwanted vibrations in either the engine or transmission.

Each JASPER over the counter converter is covered by a 3-Year/ 100,000 Mile Nationwide Parts Only Warranty. Call 1-800-827-7455 for complete conditions.

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