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JET Transit Drivers Compete in State Truck Driving Championships

2013 IMTA Driving Championships                   Rich Mehling (left) and Mark King (right) earn awards at the IMTA Driving Championships JET Transit had seven drivers compete in the annual Indiana Motor Truck Association's Truck Driving Championships recently held in Indianapolis. JASPER is pleased to announce that we had two drivers earn awards. Rich Mehling placed second in the 4-Axle Class and Mark King earned the Rookie of the Year award. The event consists of a written exam, pre-trip inspection and six road course events. The score of each event is added to come up with a total score used to determine the champion in each of eight different classes, as well as a team championship. JET Transit drivers also participating in this year's IMTA competition were: Wayne Beavin in the 5-Axle division, Ron Tobin in the Flatbed division, Brian Kuhs in the Sleeper division, Denny Schepers in the Straight Truck division and Bob Pickett in the Tanker division. Congratulations to all seven drivers who competed and for a job well done.