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Labor Day Celebration

We're getting close... it's time for another three-day Labor Day weekend for many Americans, and the unofficial end of summer. Besides being excited about a long weekend, I'm also grateful to work for an amazing company with fellow Associates who care about its growth, direction and success. If you didn't already know, JASPER is owned by its Associates through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). Yes, JASPER Associates receive an annual allotment of shares. At our last Annual Shareholder Meeting, we discovered that our share price had sky-rocketed 72% over last year's price. Wow! Our shares are now worth $141.45 a piece! In addition to our 401K, the ESOP is essentially a second retirement plan. It's good to know that retirement can be comfortable. To support and sustain growth, we as Associates are constantly coming up with new ideas (continuous improvements) to drive positive change in our processes and improve the quality of products we provide the marketplace. It's not uncommon to hear Associates thanking one another for their intellectual contributions. So sometime this holiday weekend while celebrating with family and friends, reflect on what makes this country so great, hardworking Americans.