POD Transformation in JASPER’s Gas Engine Division










The U-shaped area of POD 302 has made JASPER’s task of assembling a gas engine more efficient. Three of four PODS at the Jasper Facility have been reconfigured in a similar way.

The POD system of remanufacturing within the Gas Engine division at Jasper Engines & Transmissions is being transformed. There are four PODS within the division at the Jasper, Indiana, facility. The most noticeable changes have occured within the past year in three of the four assembly areas. “The improvements made in the assembly processes have stabilized the work flow by balancing the work among the Associates in that area,” said Mark Balsmeyer, Jasper Production System Manager.

This is the first major reconfiguration of the Gas Engine division since 2008, when the change was made from a progressive, or assembly style of remanufacturing, which entailed the disassembly, cleaning and repair in one facility to our POD system. The POD system allows engine remanufacturing, from a core to a finished product, within one manufacturing unit.

Each POD has specific engine families that it remanufactures. This allows each POD to become specialized in those engine families which helps JASPER produce a better quality product, produce it more efficiently and provide better availability to the customer.

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