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We Are Lucky to Have YOU!!

We are lucky to have YOU!

Each holiday is special, but this year amongst the COVID-19 outbreak, we are especially grateful to have each of you as a part of our JASPER family. We truly do consider ourselves “lucky” to have you time after time choose JASPER to be your Brand or Company of Choice! We would like to provide some good in the form of gratitude on this lucky day.

To Our Associate – Owners: Thank you for your patience and commitment to JET as we work through the changes at hand. As you know we are upping our protocols to keep you safe and we especially thank those who are helping with sanitizing and facilitating the cleanliness of our facilities. Thank you for making us your Company of Choice!

To Our Installers: Thank you for keeping your doors and businesses open, you are providing a tremendous service to your community and while things might be unfortunately slowing down, we stand with you! Thank you for making us your Brand of Choice!

All in all, together we will weather the new challenges and grow stronger by leaning on one another in these times.