A Special "Thank You" to Our JASPER Drivers

How many times have you been on vacation, or driving from Point ‘A’ to Point ‘B’, and you see a Jasper Engines and Transmissions truck pass you by? The chances of this happening are very good. Because without our World Class Drivers on the road, the products we produce would never make it to our customers.

Sure, there are other trucking companies out there, but none compare to the World Class Drivers that we get to call our own.

Here are some statistics that will show you how great JASPER drivers truly are:

• We have 185 drivers between our Over-The-Road and Local Branch Delivery Drivers. These drivers travel a staggering 200,000 miles a week. To put that in perspective, that’s almost a trip to the Moon   (238,000 miles), or eight trips around the world (25,000 miles) every week.

• Our 48 Over-The-Road drivers visit all 40 Branches, two Distribution Centers, even a couple of vendors, running 55 different routes, making 162 stops.

• Our 137 Branch Drivers run 425 routes per week and visit close to 4,800 customers.

• And let’s not forget our two shuttle drivers that make those daily trips between the Crawford
County and Jasper facilities to move cores and finished product to the proper locations.

So the next time you are taking a trip around this great country of ours, be on the lookout for one of the many trucks in the JASPER fleet.

Thank you JASPER truck drivers!

Logano, Running a JASPER Differential, Wins at New Hampshire

Joey Logano, running a JASPER Differential, took the checkered flag in the Sylvania 300 this past weekend at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. Logano backed up teammate Brad Keselowski's win from last weekend placing him second in the Chase standings.

A recap of finishes from this past weekend's NASCAR Series races at New Hampshire follows.

NASCAR Sprint Cup Series – Sylvania 300 - New Hampshire Motor Speedway

1st     Joey Logano (JASPER Differential)
7th     Brad Keselowski (JASPER Differential)
8th     Kyle Busch (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
10th   Brian Vickers (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
12th   Martin Truex, Jr. (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
14th   Clint Bowyer (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
21st   Matt Kenseth (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
37th   Denny Hamlin (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)

NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Chase Standings

1st     Brad Keselowski (JASPER Differential)
2nd   Joey Logano (JASPER Differential)
5th    Kyle Busch (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
8th    Matt Kenseth (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
13th  Denny Hamlin (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)

NASCAR Nationwide Series – VISITMYRTLEBEACH.COM 300 - Kentucky Speedway

8th     Michael McDowell (JASPER Differential)
9th     Justin Boston (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
13th   Elliott Sadler (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)
30th   Sam Hornish, Jr. (JASPER 4-Speed Transmission)


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Last Week’s Friddle: In what year did JASPER open its Chicago, IL Branch?
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Last Week’s Friddle Answer: 1968

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More Information on JASPER's Power Drive Facility



Jasper Engines & Transmissions officially started transmission production at its new Drivetrain Remanufacturing facility in Jasper, Indiana, September 8th.

The first transmission remanufactured was a front-wheel drive GM 4T65E.  It was the culmination of a well planned and dedicated strategy that took place since the announcement to acquire the 220,000 square foot building in April.

“It’s been an incredible accomplishment,” said John Schroeder, JASPER Vice President of Drivetrain Remanufacturing.  “It’s been a team approach, including Associates from all of the departments within the Transmission Division and other support groups.”

JASPER remanufactures transmissions in work areas called PODs, in which a transmission goes from a core, to a finished product.  Each POD has specific transmission families it remanufactures.  This allows each POD to become “specialized” and enables JASPER to produce a quality product more efficiently.

A total of 14 PODS are planned for the Power Drive Facility.  Higher volume transmissions will be remanufactured in what is called a Mega-POD.  “These combine two, or more, PODS into one for shorter cycle times and greater efficiency,” said Schroeder.  “It’s been successfully used at our Crawford County, Indiana, Facility for many years, and we want to integrate this with three of our high-volume transmissions at Power Drive."

One change in the remanufacturing process at Power Drive, is how transmissions are dynamometer tested.  “Groups of three to four PODS, or one Mega-POD, will have their own dynamometer, instead of sending a transmission to a separate test area,” said Schroeder.  “This will allow for immediate feedback to Associates building their respective unit, so issues can be addressed in real time."

A long-term goal for Power Drive is to begin all new transmission product launches from the new facility.  “Once our New Product Group releases a transmission for remanufacturing, we’re only going to release it to the Power Drive location,” said Schroeder.  “Once we’ve achieved the volume to support that unit for the customers, then we can either move its remanufacturing to a customary POD, or we can move it to one of our satellite locations, either Crawford County or Willow Springs."

An added benefit to Power Drive is it will give JASPER a tremendous amount of growth capacity that could not be achieved with the Engine and Drivetrain Divisions sharing one building.  “At Power Drive, we’ll only use about 60% of our available space in this initial move,” said Schroeder. “There will be many improvements, but the main focus at Power Drive will be laying out space in a method that works for the now and for the future, he added."

Power Drive is JASPER’s fifth remanufacturing facility, joining Wernsing Road and Jasper West, both in Jasper, Indiana, Crawford County, Indiana, and Willow Springs, Missouri.  As space is vacated at the Wernsing Road Facility, JASPER’s Engine Division will begin their expansion projects.

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Friddle: In what year did JASPER open its Chicago, IL Branch? Hint: The answer
can be found in the Virtual History Book on the JASPER home page

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First Transmission Produced at the New JASPER Power Drive Facility

JASPER Power Drive

Proud Owner/Associates! The first transmission produced in our NEW Power Drive facility passed through final assembly just before noon on Monday, September 8th, 2014. After assembly, transmissions are dynamometer tested, painted and ready for shipment. The pictured JASPER remanufactured GM 4T65E transmission, is the first of many models to be built at this facility. Congratulations to everyone!

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Friddle: Which German automotive brand offers the Golf compact car?

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Braking System (ABS)

Last Week’s Friddle Answer: speed sensors, valves, a pump and a controller

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Fountaindale Auto Center


Fountaindale Auto Center has ten service bays at its Middletown, Maryland, location (above) and five additional service bays at its Frederick location.

Fountaindale Auto Center in Middletown, Maryland, is a full service auto and truck repair facility, and a Preferred Installer of JASPER products. They were recently recognized as one of the Top 100 Independent Repair Facilities in their area, and were presented with the Gold Award at the first annual JASPER Dealer Awards Banquet in Baltimore.

Fountaindale Auto Center started as an Exxon service station in 1968. Current owner, Clark Dayhoff, started pumping gas there in 1985, then worked his way up to service manager and bookkeeper. After leaving the business for a short time, Clark returned and purchased the business in 1999. Four years later, in 2003, he built a new 8,200 square foot facility at 19 East Green Street, with ten service bays. With business thriving, Fountaindale Auto Center expanded in 2010 to a second location in nearby Frederick, Maryland, with five more service bays.

Fountaindale has 10 employees, each of them ASE-Certified in various automotive applications, including Service Advisor. “We constantly send our technicians to class, and we encourage a lot of online training,” Dayhoff said. “We’ll issue pay increases if the technicians pass their tests.”

Customers can utilize Fountaindale’s clean and comfortable waiting area for their automotive repairs to be completed, or they can get a ride on one of three shuttle vans. What’s more unique to Fountaindale Auto Center is that they offer an in-house warranty of two years on all of their work, including brakes.

For the past 15 years, Fountaindale Auto Center has installed the full product line of JASPER quality remanufactured products. “To be the best in your business, you have to partner with companies that are the best,” said Dayhoff. “They have to share our business philosophy that the customer always comes first.” Dayhoff’s long-term dream is to expand Fountaindale Auto Center to a third location. He shared that his children have expressed an interest in learning the business, assuring that Fountaindale Auto
Center stays within the family for many years to come.

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Friddle: What are the four main components of an Anti-lock Braking
System (ABS)?

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Happy Anniversary R.T. Clapp Car Care Center


Black and white photos from 100 years of history hang in the R.T. Clapp Knoxville waiting area.

2014 marks the 100th Anniversary of R.T. Clapp Car Care Center in Knoxville, Tennessee. What started as a battery company in 1914, R.T. Clapp has since developed into one of the premier automotive repair and diagnostic service centers in the greater Knoxville area.

Current owner, Jeff Hendrickson, started his career at a full-service filling station while attending high school, and later attending auto mechanics and marketing classes. While attending college, and working at several automotive centers and local dealerships, Jeff entered the independent automotive market and purchased R.T. Clapp Knoxville in 2010 from business partners Rob Vandergriff, Valerie White and Barry Scarborough, who retain ownership of R.T. Clapp’s Oak Ridge location.

R.T. Clapp Knoxville is one of the largest repair facilities in the Knoxville area. Located at 2045 East Magnolia Avenue, R.T. Clapp has 18 service bays and 15,000 square feet of work space on a two-acre lot. The facility regularly upgrades their diagnostic equipment, provides internet service history records and offers free shuttle service while their customer’s vehicle is being repaired. The facility has ten employees, including three ASE-Certified technicians and one ASE Master Technician. R.T. Clapp encourages their technicians to advance their ASE training and to attend additional training classes in their area.

R.T. Clapp Knoxville has been an installer of JASPER remanufactured gas engines, transmissions and differentials since 1992. Jeff says JASPER products are of consistent quality. “They stand behind their nationwide warranty,” he said. “This reduces shop liability, and is the best value for the shop and for the customers.”

Congratulations to R.T. Clapp Knoxville for providing a century of service to the automotive community. Their business philosophy of standing behind the work they provide, a continued quest for raving fans and building lasting customer relationships, will keep them committed to excellence for the next 100 years.