A Smart Investment for Your Tax Returns

What are your plans for this year’s tax refund? How about spending it on one of your largest investments, your vehicle. That’s right! If you’ve been holding off on a major vehicle repair, now may be a favorable time to invest that tax refund on a one-time purchase for that much needed drivetrain component. I know this sounds like an advertisement, but it does makes sense. As we rebound from the recent economic downturn, I think most of us would like to get ahead in respects to our own financial situations. By making an investment and repairing that parked vehicle ,with a JASPER product, you’ll be able to save and build that nest egg by not having the hassle of monthly new car payments and inflated insurance premiums. We all like to treat our families and ourselves to nice things, maybe a vacation, the latest flat-screen TV, or just a simple dinner and a movie. My wife may disagree but, I am not a tightwad. I do enjoy making certain purchases, but I’m also conscience of things I can do to better secure our financial future. A couple of years ago, our minivan’s transmission was slipping horribly. To me, buying the JASPER replacement made sense, not just because I work the company, but because of the piece-of-mind and long-term savings. I can still remember the evening that I picked it up after the installation, it may seem silly but I felt like I was driving a new vehicle off of the lot. I think everyone should experience what I felt that evening, confidence in a product with a great warranty and the reassurance of making a great investment. Just something to think about when you get that refund from Uncle Sam.

Automotive Trivia

the-friddle2 friddle-t-shirt Friddle Mystery Pic2                       Friddle: What is the name of the automotive component pictured above? Check our blog next Friday for the answer and another Friddle. Last Week’s Friddle: What automotive part is responsible for blending air and fuel for an internal combustion engine? Last Week’s Friddle Answer: Intake Manifold Last Week’s Friddle Contest Winner: Tom A.

Automotive Trivia

the-friddle2 friddle-t-shirt Friddle: What automotive part is responsible for blending air and fuel for an internal combustion engine? Check our blog next Friday for the answer and another Friddle. Last Week’s Friddle: The Dodge Caliber in the predecessor to what "reinvented" compact four-door sedan? Last Week’s Friddle Answer: Dart Last Week’s Friddle Contest Winner: Mike O.

Ready, Set, Hunt...

2013 Easter Egg Hunt This past Saturday, JASPER hosted its annual Easter Egg Hunt for the children of JASPER Associates. Approximately 100 children were present for this year's event. In a matter of only 13 minutes 1,100 plastic, candy-filled, eggs were gathered from the front lawn of the Jasper facility. The lucky youngsters who stumbled upon the uniquely identified, dotted, eggs were entitled to a trip to the prize table. The Easter Bunny and, just for fun, Bubbles the Clown were on hand to emcee the event. We even had a break in the weather, a little sunshine for the morning event.

JASPER Announced “Do It Right” Winners for 2012

In December 2012, six JASPER Associates were recognized by company Chairman/CEO, Doug Bawel, as winners of the annual ‘Do It Right’ Award. Throughout the year, supervisors or fellow Associates can nominate Associates for a ‘Do It Right’ Award. An Associate may be nominated for any form of outstanding service to JASPER, its Associates or customers. A total of 57 Associates were nominated for their services in 2012. At the end of the year, management reviews all the nominations and presents awards to the most outstanding nominees. The number of awards may vary from year to year, depending upon the number of deserving nominees. The winners for 2012 are: Eric Howell/Delivery Driver, Columbia Branch   Eric helped a woman stranded along the side of the road because her car ran out of gas. Eric stopped to give the woman assistance. He gave her cash out of his own pocket and helped her to a gas station. She was very grateful that JASPER employs such kind-hearted people that they take the time to help someone in need. Craig Leuck/Transmission Division Manager, Jasper Facility  On his way back from a conference in Chicago, Craig noticed a car pulled over in the ditch and noticed that the guy working on it wore a JASPER uniform. Though he was close to home, and talked about getting back in time to tuck his daughter in bed, Craig turned the van around to help his fellow Associate. Matt Williams/Maintenance and Casey Foye/Transmission Division, Crawford Facility  A fellow Associate shared with Matt and Casey that her only vehicle for transportation to work was not running and she was not able to pay to get the car fixed. Matt and Casey got a trailer, picked up the Associate’s car, subsequently fixed the car and also paid for the parts. Thanks for putting the needs of others first. Cathy Hayes/Gas Engine Division, Willow Springs Facility  Cathy was responsible for correcting a machining issue on five gas engines. We thank Cathy for her attention to detail and maintaining JASPER’s high quality standards. Chad Taylor/Maintenance, Crawford Facility  Using his Financial Peace University certification, Chad volunteered his own time to help a peer Associate through tough personal times by showing them life improving changes.

Automotive Trivia

the-friddle2 friddle-t-shirt Friddle: The Dodge Caliber in the predecessor to what "reinvented" compact four-door sedan? Check our blog next Friday for the answer and another Friddle. Last Week’s Friddle: Which state used the slogan "The Crossroads of America" on its license plates?? Last Week’s Friddle Answer: Indiana Last Week’s Friddle Contest Winner: David R.

Customer Profile - Red's Garage

Red's Garage Red’s Garage in Port Chester, New York, is one of the Tri-State area’s complete full service auto and truck repair facilities. Located at 25 Midland Avenue, near the New York-Connecticut line, Red’s Garage started as a one bay shop in 1944 by Anthony "Red" Zaccagnino. Red’s nephew, and current owner, Joe Sandarciero lived in the house behind the shop and began learning the business at age 15. In 1976, at the age of 18, Joe purchased Red’s Garage and in 1981 moved the business to its current location on Midland Avenue. At that time, Red’s was a three bay gas station. In 1998, 12,000 square feet was added to the building to accommodate their growing truck repair business. Seven years later, Joe’s son, Joe Jr., joined the Red’s Garage staff as sales manager handling the sales of snow & ice equipment, trailers, truck equipment and accessories as well as starting and managing their three e-commerce websites (, and In 2011, Red’s Garage expanded again to include a new showroom and parts department. This recent addition brought the total workspace area to 19,000 square feet with 15 bays. Their services range from general automotive to medium and heavy-duty truck repair. Red’s Garage is also a snow plow dealer for Western, Boss, SnowDogg, and spreader dealers for SnowEx, Torwel and Downeaster. They also sell a full line of truck accessories and are an authorized Rhino Lining dealer. Red’s Garage employs 15 full-time technicians, two shop foremen, two office managers, one parts manager and a sales manager. Ten of their technicians are ASE Certified, including brakes and hybrid Certification. Red’s Garage pays for their technicians’ additional training to advance their automotive knowledge, so important with today’s modern vehicles. For the past 14 years, Red’s Garage has been an installer of JASPER quality remanufactured products. Red’s uses JASPER because of our warranty and product reliability. "JASPER gives the customer peace of mind that if something were to go wrong, JASPER will stand behind their product," says Joe, Jr.. "With JASPER products, we know we are getting a quality product. The customer is not only buying an engine or transmission, they are buying a company, and with a company like JASPER you know you’re getting quality." Honesty and integrity are the two cornerstones behind Red’s Garage and their business philosophy. They remain the best way to retain their customer base. "Our customers are what keeps our shop going," says Joe, Jr.. Our work environment is family oriented, and we treat our customers like family."

Automotive Trivia

the-friddle2 friddle-t-shirt Friddle: Which state used the slogan "The Crossroads of America" on its license plates? Check our blog next Friday for the answer and another Friddle. Last Week’s Friddle: Hankook is primarily known for manufacturing what type of auto part? Last Week’s Friddle Answer: Tires Last Week’s Friddle Contest Winner: Roger

Automotive Trivia

the-friddle2 friddle-t-shirt Friddle: Hankook is primarily known for manufacturing what type of auto part? Check our blog next Friday for the answer and another Friddle. Last Week’s Friddle: A typical automobile has four wheels, a spare and a sixth wheel. What kind of wheel is the sixth? Last Week’s Friddle Answer: Steering Wheel Last Week’s Friddle Contest Winner: Jacob G.

‘32 Ford Transmission Gets Authentic

Just before the end of 2012, the transmission department of Jasper Authentic Custom Drivetrains remanufactured this three-speed manual transmission from a 1932 Ford Model B. The Model B was produced between 1932 and 1934 and was the successor to the Model A, which Ford produced between 1928 and 1931. "The biggest difference was that the transmission in the Model B used synchronizers to make shifting gears easier," says Dave Ernst, JASPER Special Projects Consultant. "The Model A did not use synchronized gears, so the driver had to be very careful not to rake the gears, and potentially damage the transmission." Obviously, this early drivetrain component is no longer offered new, nor does it fit into any production remanufacturing system. That’s where Jasper Authentic Custom Drivetrains comes in. For more information on the Jasper Authentic Custom Drivetrain division, call 1-800-827-7455.