Branch Profile: Birmingham

                        The Birmingham Branch of Jasper Engines and Transmissions opened in Shelby County, Alabama, on October 1, 2007. Nestled at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains, as the fastest growing county in Alabama, Shelby County offers diverse amenities with dramatic landscapes - from the city, and county parks, to the 10,000 acre Oak Mountain State Park. Our branch is situated within the 390 acre Shelby West Corporate Park, a sample of the industrial developments that provide an increased economic benefit to the area.

Automotive Trivia

the-friddle2 friddle-t-shirt Friddle: What does the automotive-related acronym ASE stand for? Check our blog next Friday for the answer and another Friddle. Last Week’s Friddle: In a 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number, which digit identifies model year? Last Week’s Friddle Answer: 10th digit Last Week’s Friddle Contest Winner: Tom H.

Linda Carver Named Master Truck Driver

                        JASPER congratulates Linda Carver of JET Transit for earning the Indiana Motor Truck Association's Master Truck Driver Award. Linda was presented this award for her achievement of 1,000,000 Accident-Free miles. That's equivalent to driving around the world 126 times! Barry Miller, IMTA Director of Safety, presented the certificate. Linda joins the ranks of eleven other JET Transit drivers who have earned this certification.

Compression Testing Available for JASPER Diesel Complete Engines

Jasper Engines & Transmissions has begun the process of compression testing the Complete diesel engine. This process was developed to improve the quality of our product and is a test currently performed on our Running Complete engine formats. Depending on the application, a JASPER Complete diesel engine primarily includes the block, head, crank, cam, rods, valve train, oil pump, oil pan & pickup tube, oil filter, oil cooler, inner & outer gear covers and finishing gaskets. As the Complete engine is spin tested, a compression gauge is inserted through the glow plug hole of an individual cylinder. Compression data of that cylinder is recorded. The Associate repeats the process with each of the engine's remaining cylinders. "On a diesel engine, one of the biggest issues is immediate start-up failure within the first 90 days, such as an oil leak, a misfire or a rough-running application," says Ryan Dooley, JASPER Diesel Division Manager. "By performing the compression test, JASPER can pinpoint if the engine has a weak cylinder, requires a rocker adjustment or has a valve seating issue. "It's increased the overall time it takes to remanufacture that engine, but when it's finished, we know it's providing the best product for the customer at the best price." For more information on the remanufactured diesel engines of Jasper Engines & Transmissions, please call 1-800-827-7455.

Automotive Trivia

the-friddle2 friddle-t-shirt Friddle: In a 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number, which digit identifies model year? Check our blog next Friday for the answer and another Friddle. Last Week’s Friddle: In which Italian city would you find the Fiat headquarters? Last Week’s Friddle Answer: Turin Last Week’s Friddle Contest Winner: No Winner

JASPER Updates Transmission Hydraulic Clutch Testing

JASPER’s Quality Engineers have updated the company’s transmission hydraulic clutch testing process. Hydraulic clutch testing is a method of simulating the operation of a transmission clutch. The process identifies defective clutches not typically identified by dynamometer testing. "This is not a new technology at JASPER," says David Kassebaum, JASPER Transmission Quality Engineer. "But it has been improved through the use of computerized data acquisition." Hydraulic clutch testing the transmission, prior to final assembly, will check for cracked drums or pistons, imperfections in the fluid channels, and defective or damaged seals. The test is performed using a transmission-specific plate designed to direct oil to each of the individual clutches in the transmission. A normal transmission dynamometer does not test the individual clutches. It only tests the gear ratio, which only shows that the clutch has applied. During the dynamometer run, the transmission pump sends significant amounts of oil to the clutch, which typically makes it difficult to identify leaks, or imperfections, in the clutch. Hydraulically testing the clutches individually is used to reduce, and prevent, complaints of harsh or soft shifts and other driveability complaints caused by ineffective clutches. "Until recently, the process of hydraulic clutch testing was done with analog gauges, and the clutch pressure measurements were not recorded or stored," says Kassebaum. "With hardware and software developed by JASPER, our method of testing has been greatly improved." During JASPER’s remanufacturing process, each transmission is given an identification number. As the transmission is assembled, the identification number is typed into the hydraulic clutch test software, allowing the software to pull the correct test for the transmission. As the builder is prompted through the test, the software records the pressure measurements using two pressure transducers. The software compares the measurements to the specifications within the test and determines whether the clutch passed or failed. "If the transmission fails the test, the unit is repaired and the test is repeated to ensure proper clutch operation," says Kassebaum. "The software will not allow the unit to be dynamometer tested until the unit passes the hydraulic clutch test. Once the transmission has passed this test, its measurements are saved in JASPER’s computer database." By utilizing this software, JASPER Quality Engineers are able to drive improvements in the remanufacturing process by analyzing this data to determine the perfect method to improve the assembly of transmission clutches.

Automotive Trivia

the-friddle2 friddle-t-shirt Friddle: In which Italian city would you find the Fiat headquarters? Check our blog next Friday for the answer and another Friddle. Last Week’s Friddle: Which Japanese automaker developed SKYACTIV technology? Last Week’s Friddle Answer: Mazda Last Week’s Friddle Contest Winner: Sarah M.

Automotive Trivia

the-friddle2 friddle-t-shirt Friddle: Which Japanese automaker developed SKYACTIV technology? Check our blog next Friday for the answer and another Friddle. Last Week’s Friddle: Which German automaker uses the slogan "Das Auto"? Last Week’s Friddle Answer: Volkswagen Last Week’s Friddle Contest Winner: James D.

Brad Keselowski Clinches the 2012 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Championship

The 2012 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series may have come to a close, but the celebrations continue for Penske Racing and Champion Driver Brad Keselowski. The driver of the #2 car needed to finish 16th or better after Kyle Busch received the bonus point for leading the most laps in Sunday's Ford EcoBoost 400 at Homestead-Miami Speedway. Keselowski did just that by passing Tony Stewart for that much-needed position. Then, to be sure there would be no doubt when the checkered flag flew, Keselowski passed Mark Martin for 15th. This is the first NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Championship for both Keselowski and Penske Racing.
This is also a milestone for Jasper Engines and Transmissions and its Racing Drive Line Division as it celebrates the first championship for its products. Keselowski was running a JASPER Differential when he secured the title Sunday, as he had for the 2012 season. JASPER Race Products celebrated 14 pole positions and 16 wins this season. Clint Bowyer, running a JASPER 4-Speed Transmission, finished second in Chase points, while Denny Hamlin and Martin Truex, Jr. finished sixth and eleventh respectively.

JASPER Says “Thank You” to Our Veteran Associates

A special Veterans Day lunch was recently held for Associates at each of JASPER’s remanufacturing facilities (Jasper, Crawford, Willow Springs) who served in branches of the United States Military.

Veterans Day traces its roots back to 1938, when Congress declared November 11th of each year a legal holiday, known as "Armistice Day." This day was originally intended to honor veterans of World War I. A few years later, World War II required the largest mobilization of service men in the history of the United States and in the early 1950’s American forces fought in Korea. In 1954, the veterans’ service organizations urged Congress to change the word "Armistice" to "Veterans". Congress approved this change and on June 1st, 1954, November 11th became a day to honor all American veterans, wherever, and whenever, they had served.

JASPER says "Thank You" to the men and women who served in the Armed Forces of our great country.

Military Veterans from the Jasper (top) and Crawford (middle) facilities received their special lunch November 9th. Veterans at the Willow Springs (below) facility were treated to lunch November 8th.