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JASPER Offers Torque Converters “Over the Counter”

OTC Converter Jasper Engines & Transmissions continues to expand its product line to fulfill industry needs. To that end, we are very excited to announce the release of Torque Converters for sale over the counter! JASPER’s remanufactured OTC torque converters are currently available for the following 1989-2007 applications: • Chrysler 47RE/48RE          Dodge Ram 2500 - 3500 • Ford E4OD/4R100/5R110   Ford F-150 - F-550 & Ford E-150 - E-350 "There’s a market out there for these converters, especially for the heavy-duty diesel engine applications," said Craig Leuck, JASPER Transmission Division Manager. "We can help that local shop whose customer has a customized transmission for their truck, and it needs a heavy-duty converter to handle the job, particularly for towing purposes." A JASPER remanufactured converter features a heavy-duty billet steel front cover. "As the converter gets hot over time, a standard stamped steel front cover will balloon," said Leuck. "This causes the front lock-up surface to swell up and lose contact with the piston and burn up the lock-up lining. Billet steel front covers will not expand." Each converter is also balanced to within three grams to eliminate any unwanted vibrations in either the engine or transmission. Each JASPER over the counter converter is covered by a 3-Year/ 100,000 Mile Nationwide Parts Only Warranty. Call 1-800-827-7455 for complete conditions.

Fifth Annual Pie in the Eye

For the past five years, Jasper Engines & Transmission’s Relay for Life team, JET NASCURE, has sponsored the "Pie in the Eye" event to help raise money for the Dubois County Relay for Life. JASPER Associates donated $.25 per vote to see their favorite three of twelve candidates get a "Pie in the Eye." This year’s winner was Brady Walton from Indiana Tool & Die with 333 votes, second place went to Chip Morris from Inside Sales with 154 votes and Ryan Stiles from the Transmission Division rounded out the top three with 33 votes. It should be noted that Brady’s co-workers, along with the patronage of many JASPER Associates, helped boost his votes through break time breakfast sales of delicious snacks. This year’s Pie in the Eye event fetched $655.27, which JASPER will match bringing the event total to $1,310.54. JET NASCURE has already raised $10,322 in donations so far this year. 2013 Pie in the Eye

Automotive Trivia

the-friddle2 friddle-t-shirt Friddle: Which number identifies nominal tire width in the following tire code: P215/65R15 95H M+S? Check our blog next Friday for the answer and another Friddle. Last Week’s Friddle: In what year did JASPER open its first California branch? Last Week’s Friddle Answer: 2003 Last Week’s Friddle Contest Winner: Martin

JASPER CNC Machining Makes for Efficient Diesel Remanufacturing

DieselCNC                         JASPER recently acquired a Haas VF-6 CNC for its Diesel Division. This machine has the ability to resurface an engine block as well as bore the cylinders. "What makes the CNC machine better is that it can resurface a block twice as fast, compared to standard machining practices, without compromising surface finish," says Ryan Dooley, JASPER Diesel Division Manager. "The machine can bore out the cylinders five times faster than standard machining." "It would take about 40 minutes to manually set up a block to be bored and resurfaced," he added. "With the CNC machine, that process is cut in half." Dooley says the Haas VF-6 currently machines the bigger medium-duty engines remanufactured within the division. "It machines all of our Cummins engines, all of our Caterpillar and Duramax engines, and we have future plans to have it machine the counterbore inline International engines," he said. "This CNC machine currently accounts for about 35% of our production." With the new CNC machining process, Dooley says the customer will see added value and benefits from a JASPER product. "We’re able to machine the same block, without compromising quality, in half the amount of time," added Dooley. "So it’s helped us become more efficient in providing a product to the customer in a shorter amount of time."

Automotive Trivia

the-friddle2 friddle-t-shirt Friddle: In what year did JASPER open its first California branch? Check our blog next Friday for the answer and another Friddle. Last Week’s Friddle: What automaker offers the Wolfsburg Edition? Last Week’s Friddle Answer: Volkswagen Last Week’s Friddle Contest Winner: Rufino H.

Compression Testing JASPER’s Complete Diesel Engine

In our continuing effort to provide customers with the perfect product, Jasper Engines & Transmissions has improved the testing process on all of our Complete diesel format engines.

Depending on the application, a JASPER Complete diesel engine includes all major castings, valve train, oil pump, oil pan and pickup tube.  “Each Complete engine is spin tested to verify oil pressure and water is run through the unit to check for fluid leaks,” says Eric Brittain, JASPER Diesel Division Group Leader.

As the Complete engine is spin tested, a compression probe is inserted into the glow plug hole of each individual cylinder (Figure 1).  “The compression reading of that cylinder is recorded through computerized data acquisition,” said Brittain.  “The program will alert the operator of any potential issues with low compression, or too great of a variation between cylinders.”

“On a diesel engine, the biggest issues are immediate start-up failures such as an oil leak, a misfire or a rough-running condition,” added Brittain.  “By performing this test JASPER can pinpoint, and correct, potential issues.  When this process is finished, we know JASPER has provided the best product for the customer at the best price.”

For more information on the remanufactured diesel engines of Jasper Engines & Transmissions, please call 1-800-827-7455.

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the-friddle2 friddle-t-shirt Friddle: What automaker offers the Wolfsburg Edition? Check our blog next Friday for the answer and another Friddle. Last Week’s Friddle: What is the “type number” for a four-door Porsche Panamera? Last Week’s Friddle Answer: 970 Last Week’s Friddle Contest Winner: Mel R. Gilroy, CA

Automotive Trivia

the-friddle2 friddle-t-shirt Friddle Mystery Pic2 Friddle: What is the “type number” for a four-door Porsche Panamera? Check our blog next Friday for the answer and another Friddle. Last Week’s Friddle: What is the name of the automotive component pictured above? Last Week’s Friddle Answer: 4WD Actuator Last Week’s Friddle Contest Winner: No Winner

JASPER Installs New Dyno for Product Development/Authentic Drivetrain Division Use

New Dynomometer                         In a never-ending pursuit of the perfect product, Jasper Engines & Transmissions has installed a computerized dynamometer to help in the development of new products, and for use with the Jasper Authentic Custom Drivetrain Division. The Land and Sea Dynomite, 2000 horsepower, water brake dynamometer provides accurate horsepower and torque readings, gives JASPER the ability to customize testing situations, and allows JASPER’s Product Development group to conduct long-term engine testing. “We will use this Dyno for 50-hour engine durability testing, on all new products, before they are released,” said Brad Boeglin, JASPER Product Development Team Leader.  “With the use of OEM computers, we’ll put an engine we are developing under various RPM and load conditions to simulate real-world driving and wear situations.  This will give JASPER further insight into long term failures, and allow us to correct them before a product is released.” The new dyno will also allow Product Development teams to test different engine parts and tolerances, away from production areas and learn how those changes will affect an engine.  “Engine parts stress differently under load conditions,” said Boeglin.  “Using specialized tooling, we can now put these engines under loads, test, and create tighter tolerances which, in turn, will increase the life of the engine.” Jasper Authentic Custom Drivetrains will use the new dynamometer to test their customer’s engines as an added service to the custom remanufacturing package. “For an additional charge, customers can have their engine dynamometer tested. A printout of torque and horsepower readings will be sent with the engine,” says Boeglin. “Customers like that service as it allows complete testing of the engine with the customer's fuel and ignition systems.” For more information on the remanufactured products of Jasper Engines & Transmissions, please call 1-800-827-7455.

A Smart Investment for Your Tax Returns

What are your plans for this year’s tax refund? How about spending it on one of your largest investments, your vehicle. That’s right! If you’ve been holding off on a major vehicle repair, now may be a favorable time to invest that tax refund on a one-time purchase for that much needed drivetrain component. I know this sounds like an advertisement, but it does makes sense. As we rebound from the recent economic downturn, I think most of us would like to get ahead in respects to our own financial situations. By making an investment and repairing that parked vehicle ,with a JASPER product, you’ll be able to save and build that nest egg by not having the hassle of monthly new car payments and inflated insurance premiums. We all like to treat our families and ourselves to nice things, maybe a vacation, the latest flat-screen TV, or just a simple dinner and a movie. My wife may disagree but, I am not a tightwad. I do enjoy making certain purchases, but I’m also conscience of things I can do to better secure our financial future. A couple of years ago, our minivan’s transmission was slipping horribly. To me, buying the JASPER replacement made sense, not just because I work the company, but because of the piece-of-mind and long-term savings. I can still remember the evening that I picked it up after the installation, it may seem silly but I felt like I was driving a new vehicle off of the lot. I think everyone should experience what I felt that evening, confidence in a product with a great warranty and the reassurance of making a great investment. Just something to think about when you get that refund from Uncle Sam.