Automotive Trivia 9/08/17

Friddle:  In what year was the Pontiac Firebird introduced?
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Last Week’s Friddle:  I
n what year was the Ford Motor Company founded?
Last Week’s Friddle Answer: 1903

Last Week’s Friddle Contest Winner: To Be Announced


Automotive Trivia 9/01/17

Friddle:  In what year was the Ford Motor Company founded?
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Last Week’s Friddle: 
The Rocky Mountain Edition was a special edition of which Jeep model?
Last Week’s Friddle Answer: "X" model

Last Week’s Friddle Contest Winner: To Be Announced


JASPER® Sponsored Habitat for Humanity Home Completed

Saturday, August 26, 2017 was a monumental day for a local deserving mother and her two children as she received the keys to their new Habitat for Humanity home, which was sponsored by Jasper Engines and Transmissions. 


The local family has been anxiously awaiting their new home since they qualified in 2015 through Habitat for Humanity. The team broke ground on April 22 and since then, there has been countless hours put in by volunteers. JASPER® is proud to have been a part of this process and in awe of the many JASPER Associate/Owners that dedicated their time to this project. JASPER wishes the best to the family and their new home!


Habitat for Humanity of Dubois County was founded 18 years ago, and has helped 13 local families by partnering with them to build simple, good housing. Habitat selects “partner families” to become Habitat homeowners. Much like the idea of paying forward, before the groundbreaking begins, partner families must invest a minimum of 150 hours of “Sweat Equity”, usually by helping to build other Habitat homes elsewhere. Beyond the groundbreaking, a partner family must then invest a cumulative total of 300 hours in order to move into their own Habitat house.

Automotive Trivia 8/25/17

Friddle:  The Rocky Mountain Edition was a special edition of which Jeep model?
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Last Week’s Friddle: 
What was the last model year for the International Harvester Metro Van?
Last Week’s Friddle Answer: 1975

Last Week’s Friddle Contest Winner: No Winner

Automotive Trivia 8/18/17

Friddle:  What was the last model year for the International Harvester Metro Van?
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Last Week’s Friddle: 
Which generation of the Ford Mustang is the first to be marketed and
sold globally
Last Week’s Friddle Answer: Sixth Generation

Last Week’s Friddle Contest Winner: No Winner


Where Should You Invest Your Marketing Dollars?

Carm Capriotto for JASPER (Blog 2 of 6)

Marketing for customer retention and recruitment can be a daunting task. I’ve had the privilege to interview a few smart people when it comes to understanding the value of newsletters, direct mail and social media. In the end, along with your own experience and equipped with expert advice, you ultimately make your decision based on your budget, acceptable ROI, and which medium you feel will have the most impact on your customer and market.

I’ve found shop owners lean heavily on social media and some use a blended approach. Many business coaches recommend your marketing spend is a percent of your sales. You can budget for that and create a calendar of your marketing initiatives of all types. Your goal is to build customer retention and a recruitment campaign.

Below I’ve listed a few bullet points that provide insight from my interviews with shop owners and marketing specialists. I’ve come to understand that there is no magic bullet. But what I have uncovered is that you must ‘Always Be Marketing’ to quote shop owner Greg Buckley.

The list contains some very reflective statements. Don’t gloss over them. Look at them carefully and see if they excite you to action or help you improve what you are currently doing.

At the end of the list I’ll give you a few links so you can hear the entire context of these interviews and listen to your industry colleagues share their marketing strategies and insights.

  • Today marketing is a blend of social media, direct mail, newsletters, women's clinics, community events and more.
  • We get over 6,000 advertising messages bombarding us each day.
  • On social media, you need to be active and have a strategy.
  • Be respectful of the Facebook algorithm. Look at Facebook like the King/Queen at Homecoming. The most popular in the school gets crowned. Your posts need to become popular.
  • You need original (organic) content for social media and newsletters. No canned content. Someone can create the post but your ideas or pictures rule.
  • Inject personality so people can relate to you.
  • Run a Facebook “Like: Campaign.” Don’t be afraid to buy a Facebook ‘Like’. Pay a community group X amount of dollars per like in a short amount of time.
  • Posting on Facebook is easier than you think. You can post 5 engagements for the week in one hour on a Monday morning.
  • You want to be known before a prospect comes in the door. Use your Social Media strategy to accomplish that.
  • Newsletters need to be fun and interactive. Surprisingly, millennials like to get mail.
  • Social media has clutter. Mail does not have as much clutter as in the past.
  • With direct mail, your customer can always review it later. It is easier than finding it again in social media.
  • Websites may become obsolete in the future as Google and Facebook ramp up their strategy to keep the user on their site. Facebook is becoming more search friendly. It may give Google a run.

The content library on the Remarkable Results Radio website can easily serve up every episode that contains important marketing and social media talk.

  • Find all episodes about marketing here.
  • Find all episodes about social media here.
  • A great interview on newsletters here.
  • Keeping pace with your website here.  (A JASPER Authorized Vendor)


JASPER® Offers Remanufactured Toyota 1GR-FE 4.0L V6 Engines

Jasper Engines & Transmissions is pleased to announce the availability of the Toyota 1GR-FE to our remanufactured gas engine line. 

This 4.0L, DOHC, Single VVT, V6 engine, is available for the following Toyota applications:




FJ Cruiser


“JASPER replaces the OE cast aluminum pistons with forged aluminum pistons of our own design,” says Brad Boeglin, JASPER New Product Development Group Leader. 

“The JASPER-engineered pistons have a 38% larger oil return area. This is coupled with the use of a two-piece oil ring design, replacing the three ring design of the OE piston. These two changes improve oil control, and prevent the oil rings from sticking.” 

“In addition, the JASPER-engineered piston has a profiled top ring land to reduce scuffing under high-load, and an anodized crown for higher heat strength, and top ring stability,” said Boeglin. 

“Our specially-designed pistons utilize a wider graphite coated skirt to prevent dry startup piston scuffing,” added Boeglin. “We’ve also improved the skirt profile for greater piston stability.” 

Each JASPER Remanufactured Engine is subject to strict, high-quality processes:

  • Disassembly, meticulous inspection and cleaning of components.

  • Precise machining for reliable performance.

  • Head and block surfaces strictly monitored to assure proper sealing.

  • JASPER’s Research and Product Development ensures inherent problems in OEM design are corrected. Units undergo a 50-hour durability test and a thorough auditing process.

  • Live-Run Testing, including recorded inspections of temperatures, oil pressure, vacuum and compression, provides piece of mind and assures reliability. 

  • Blacklight inspections ensure there are no oil leaks.

  • An available Premium Service Plan offers customers even greater value. 

The JASPER remanufactured Toyota 1GR-FE is covered by a 3-Year/100,000-Mile, nationwide, transferrable, parts and labor warranty. Full warranty disclosure is available upon request. 

For more information on the complete line of JASPER remanufactured engines, call 800.827.7455.



Automotive Trivia 8/11/17

Friddle:  Which generation of the Ford Mustang is the first to be marketed and
sold globally

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Last Week’s Friddle: 
What was the first model year for the Audi TT?
Last Week’s Friddle Answer: 1998

Last Week’s Friddle Contest Winner: No Winner

Provide Your Customers with Proven Products for the Race of Everyday Life!

Martin Truex, Jr., running a JASPER 4-Speed Transmission, won Sunday's Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series I LOVE NEW YORK 355 at The Glen. Cars using JASPER products occupied the top seven finishing positions, and eight of the top ten. Kyle Busch, also with a JASPER 4-Speed Transmission, won Saturday's NASCAR Xfinity Series Zippo 200 at Watkins Glen.

The Jasper Engines & Transmissions Driveline Division supplies 4-speed Transmissions to Stewart-Haas Racing, Joe Gibbs Racing and Furniture Row Racing for the 2017 Monster Energy NASCAR® Cup Series season. JASPER also supplies 4-Speed Transmissions to Furniture Row Racing driver Erik Jones, who drives the #77 Toyota this season. “With the #77 team coming on board with JASPER this year, and the other teams using more of our product, it’s only good news for JASPER,” said Terry DeKemper, JASPER Driveline Division Manager. “Our success is attributed to our engineering staff and Associates within the department with many years of experience, all working together to produce a great overall product.

JASPER's quality has been proven on the race track and in the vehicles of millions of Americans. JASPER is 100% Associate Owned, and our Associates make sure that continued quality is in each and every drivetrain product they produce. Now, let us help provide you and your customers with products built for the race of everyday life. Give us a call at 800-827-7455 or visit us online at

Have a Great Week!
Jasper Engines & Transmissions


Automotive Trivia 8/04/17

Friddle: What was the first model year for the Audi TT?
Check our blog next Friday for the answer and another Friddle.
Last Week’s Friddle: 
Which Japanese automaker produces the Legacy?
Last Week’s Friddle Answer: Subaru

Last Week’s Friddle Contest Winner: To Be Announced