Jenoptik Opticline Used in Cam Inspection


The Jenoptik Opticline C914 uses a combination of cameras and lights that cast a shadow around the cam lobes. The information tabulated is compared to JASPER specs for a go/no-go inspection.

When remanufacturing today’s late-model engines, JASPER’s investment in the Jenoptik Opticline C914 has made this tool an essential part of the camshaft inspection process. “It’s become an essential tool because of the tighter tolerances of today’s engines,” said JASPER® Gas Division Manager Russell Haag. “It allows us to catch anomalies in the cam that we have not been able to in the past.”

The Jenoptik Opticline looks for specifications JASPER pre-programmed into the system for each specific camshaft. The camshafts are inspected after they are remanufactured and before assembly installation. The inspection is done through six state-of-the-art cameras and lights that cast shadows around the cam. Compared to the pre-programmed specs, the findings give a go/no-go for that inspected camshaft. The Jenoptik Opticline system is part of JASPER’s overall investment in its remanufacturing equipment. “Using this device brings a huge amount of value to the customer,” said Haag. “It’s yet another tool in our arsenal to prevent non-conforming products from reaching our customers.”



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