Sunnen SV20 Aids in Torque Plate Honing Process

Many of you are familiar with JASPER’s long-standing process of torque plate honing blocks to ensure the proper size and shape of the cylinder. However, with the modern materials of today’s engine blocks, we’ve partnered with Sunnen to develop a new torque plate honing device – the SV20.

What was once a manual process, this machine uses automated size control, and gives JASPER more control and tighter tolerances on our cylinder bore than ever before.

Once the block is loaded into the SV20, the machine can be programmed to hone the first cylinder to the size requested. Microprocessors in the boring bar control the amount of force applied to the cylinder, ensuring a consistent bore diameter from top to bottom.

“The machine employs recall memory so that all cylinders in a particular block can be honed to the exact same spec as the previous cylinder,” said Randy Bauer, JASPER Gas Division Manager. “This assures that all cylinders within that block are the same size.”

The use of the Sunnen SV20 in our remanufacturing process is just one more way JASPER builds value into each of our products.

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