JASPER’s Steel Torque Plate Boring Process

Customers of Jasper Engines & Transmissions are familiar with our long-standing process of torque plate honing gas engine blocks. The process ensures the proper size and shape of the cylinder after the block is bored. Through a series of updates, JASPER has taken the successful process one step further by utilizing torque plates during the boring process.

“We’re using steel torque plates in place of the traditional aluminum plates on select engine families, to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the process,” says Alex Ernst, JASPER Gas Engine Quality Engineer. “These steel torque plates allow JASPER to bore and hone the cylinders, with the torque plates installed on the block, enabling us to achieve stricter tolerances for cylinder size and shape.”


Ernst added the honing process becomes more efficient by tightening the cylinder boring specification closer to the finished size. “This is another process that has benefited from our commitment to Continuous Improvement as we strive to provide customers with the Perfect Product,” he said.



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