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Our Process

Here’s why JASPER should be your first choice for a remanufactured marine engine, sterndrive, or outboard lower unit. It’s the processes we have developed to instill confidence in every product we make.

  1. Marine Inboard and I/O Gas Engines
  2. Sterndrives and Lower Units
  3. Process for Marine Inboard and I/O Gas Engines

Every Inboard and I/O engine is completely disassembled and thoroughly cleaned to remove all contaminants that can result in premature wear to internal engine components resulting in early engine failure.

Crankshafts are precision machined to exact tolerances with no odd size bearings or journals. Thrust surfaces are machined in a two step process to provide precise surface finishes for smooth engine operation and reduced thrust bearing wear. Every journal is inspected and measured with critical accuracy. After machining, oil holes are chamfered to improve lubrication and every journal polished to a smooth finish for long bearing life. Crankshafts are thoroughly cleaned with special emphasis to flushing and brushing out oil passages to remove any contaminants.

Camshafts are inspected for wear, dimensional accuracy and gauged for straightness. Camshaft lobes are carefully machined to correct specifications. Each shaft is Parco-Lubricated to improve lubricant adhesion, especially during break-in. Any camshaft not meeting JASPER’s exact specifications is replaced.

Cylinders are bored and honed to exact specifications. Cylinder finish and size are closely monitored to industry surface finish standards as well as for accuracy and consistency. This assures smooth piston travel and engine performance. JASPER guarantees no odd size cylinders. The block to head mating surface is closely inspected and resurfaced as required to provide the correct surface finish for today’s gasket materials.

Connecting rods are machined and gauged to within a half a thousandth for improved operation, especially in today’s engines. Rods are carefully machined to avoid taper and to the standard diameter of original equipment. All rods are checked for bend and twist to assure smooth operation.

Heads are carefully inspected for cracks and flaws through procedures such as magnetic particle inspection. Every head is resurfaced to exact dimensional tolerances and the surface finish is carefully monitored for proper sealing with the block. Valve seats and guides are machined to exact specifications or replaced to assure correct valve alignment and seating for optimum engine performance.

Every engine is precisely assembled by trained JASPER builders. Attention to such details as a final wash of new and machined parts and pre-lubricated camshafts, pistons, and crankshaft journals assures a clean, smooth running engine that performs to your expectations.

JASPER live tests every popular Complete engine with recorded inspections of temperatures, oil pressure, vacuum and compression. JASPER’s testing is one of the many ways we assure your satisfaction.

  • Pistons, pins & lock rings
  • Piston rings
  • Piston pin bushings
  • Main bearings
  • Hollow push rods
  • Camshaft bearings
  • Camshaft (new or reman.)
  • Rear main oil seal
  • Timing gear or chain (new or reman.)
  • Intake & exhaust valves
  • Valve springs
  • Solid lifters
  • Valve keepers & seals
  • Spring retainers
  • Valve guides (as applicable)
  • Rocker arm assemblies (new or reman)
  • Rod bearings
  • Cylinder head gaskets
  • Oil pan gaskets
  • Timing gear cover gaskets
  • Water distribution tubes (as applicable)
  • Expansion plugs
  • Oil pump (remanufactured)
  • Oil pump intermediate shaft (as applicable)

JASPER offers immediate availability on most popular marine engines. JASPER delivers availability through a large and growing network of branches throughout the country. JASPER quality remanufactured components are available from coast to coast and beyond.

Process for Sterndrives and Outboard Lower Units

Meticulous cleaning procedures remove all contaminants to avoid subsequent bearing damage or failure.

From the critical inspection of gear clearances to the checks on backlash and bearing preload, JASPER MARINE maintains exacting standards and precise tolerances.

The degree of quality determines the useful life of anything we buy. JASPER MARINE’s “by the book” procedures and adherence to O.E.M. specifications enable us to supply a sterndrive that is built to provide long and reliable operation. JASPER MARINE’s remanufacturing program includes:

  1. Visual and Magna-flux inspections to shafts for cracks, wear and stress. Shafts are also inspected for straightness and spline damage or wear.
  2. Shafts not meeting manufacturer standards and tolerances are replaced.
  3. Inspection of u-joint yokes for wear on bearing and seal surfaces.
  4. Inspection of the sliding clutch for damage and wear. Remanufactured to O.E.M. specifications.
  5. All bearing and preload tolerances are inspected to meet manufacturer specifications.
  6. Standard new parts include gears, u-joints, impeller, upper water pump housing, bearings, gaskets and seals. (Water pump components are replaced as applicable to unit design.)

Factory matched paint finish through a nine step paint and oven baked protection process, assures durability and corrosion resistance.

Savings with a JASPER MARINE remanufactured sterndrive are realized:

  • In Money-Remanufactured sterndrives offer a substantial savings over the cost of a new component, yet under normal care and operation, provide new life and performance.
  • In Time-The installation of a JASPER MARINE factory exchange sterndrive requires less time than an overhaul – time which can be spent enjoying your favorite water activity.

We back our quality products with a commitment to service, technical support and warranty coverage. Sterndrives and outboard lower units receive a 2 Year parts and labor warranty. Outboard powerheads receive a 1 Year parts and labor warranty. A full warranty disclosure is available on this website or upon request.

JASPER offers immediate availability on most popular marine engines, sterndrives and outboard lower units. JASPER delivers availability through a large and growing network throughout the United States. JASPER quality remanufactured components are available from coast to coast and beyond.

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