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The Customer Profile for this blog post focuses on Lee’s Under Car Services of Independence, Missouri. Lee’s is a full-service automotive and truck repair facility, and a JASPER Preferred Installer. Owners Lee and Julie Wilson believe customers should have a reliable place to have their vehicle repaired at a fair price, with quality work.

The Wilson’s have been in business for 18 years. Lee started his automotive career as a dealership technician. Wanting more from his chosen career path, he decided to open his own place for car and truck repair.

Lee’s Under Car Services has steadily grown since since its inception in 1996. What started as a small two-bay garage with no office, Lee’s now has three service bays with a clean customer waiting room, a parts storage area, and office space for its three employees.

Two of Lee’s technicians are ASE-Certified in various areas, including A/C, Suspension, Diagnostics, Engine and Transmission Builders and Automotive Electrical.

Lee’s does not believe in fear-selling, or overselling unneeded parts. Instead, he advises customers of the problems found on their vehicle, then he informs them, much like a doctor would, what measures must be taken to ensure proper repair and safety, without selling unnecessary items.

Lee’s Under Car Services has been an installer of JASPER remanufactured products since 1996. “Doing the job right the first time saves everyone money,” says Wilson. He also promotes a “show the customer” approach by showing them pictures of JASPER’s remanufacturing facilities.

“I’ve been to JASPER three times now, and I have taken a lot of pictures of the facility, as well as the units,” Wilson added. “The images are uploaded to my office computer and I show them to potential customers so they can see JASPER’s commitment to quality.”

Lee’s Under Car Services utilizes the business philosophy that cars cannot be fixed without the necessary tools and skills.” “Sometimes without the right tool you can get the repair done, but how long is it going to take?” said Wilson. “Time is money so I believe in spending money on the tools to do the job right.”

“The customer is your advertisement,” Lee said. “If a customer is happy they tell everyone. If they aren’t happy, they tell everyone. I believe in personal and honest customer relationships, just like JASPER.

“That is what separates JASPER from other companies,” he added. “The others want to come in and sell their product based on price; not value. The trust one builds with their customer far outweighs a ‘bargain of the day.’”

In the future, Lee would like to find a larger building with two additional bays, and hire the necessary personnel to operate them. But for now, he is holding on to his dream of building his own “perfect shop”.

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