JASPER Performs Upgrade to 6.0L International HEUI Injection Pump


The Hydraulic Electronic Unit Injector (HEUI) pump was once considered a disposable piece on a diesel engine. Now Jasper Engines & Transmissions, through a series of updates, has turned the HEUI pump into a reliable, remanufactured component that customers can install with confidence.

One such update involves the HEUI pump used on the International 6.0L diesel. A loss of oil pressure is a common issue with this unit. “During its production, one side of the HEUI pump housing is drilled and sealed off with a steel ball,” says TJ Abrams, JASPER Diesel Quality Engineer. “Due to the dissimilar metals of the steel ball and the aluminum pump housing, the steel ball eventually works its way out of the hole and leads to a loss of oil pressure.”

To eliminate this failure, JASPER removes the steel ball, threads the hole, and inserts a threaded steel plug. “This ensures that customers receive long life out of our HEUI pump, and that it’s a pump customers can trust,” says Abrams.

Each JASPER remanufactured HEUI pump, just like an engine, is tested after being remanufactured. “Pressure, flow and leaks are scrutinized on a custom-built test stand to ensure a quality product,” added Abrams.

For more information on the remanufactured diesel fuel components of Jasper Engines & Transmissions, please call 1-800-827-7455.


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